Another Emperor Reborn

Different Kings, Rebirth of the Different Emperor, Yi Huang Chongsheng, Yì Huáng Chóngshēng, 异皇重生
Another Emperor Reborn

Synopsis Another Emperor Reborn

Reiki is a resurrection, the entire world is covered by a strong aura, and creatures of the earth are affected by this. Humans experienced an account that they had stronger powers, and other creatures besides humans also evolved rapidly under the influence of Aura. Some powerful and mysterious races have appeared in silence. The legend says that the power remained: the family in another world, coincidentally, the soul of another world royal prince entered the body of a young common human, Huang Shang, and began the story of bloody and funny hegemony…

Status Ongoing
Type Manhua
Released 2018
Author Ji Le Niao Tu
Artist Ji Le Niao Tu
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Chapter Another Emperor Reborn


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